Best Long Distance Beach Casting Rods

Saul Page steps up and shows us how to fire a lead out to the big blue yonder using the pendulum cast and he also shows us a clip he invented to keep your ta. Generally fishing rods fall between 7 and 15 feet.

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Tony Kirrage runs through t.

Best long distance beach casting rods. If you gonna go to Bass Pro Shops look at the ocean Master casting rods the ten foot OM10sc is rated from 4 to 8 oz. When it comes to casting distance more important than length or action is using a rod that is rated for the lures you plan on throwing. The Penn 209 and 309 have been workhorses in surf fishing reels for better than 50 years.

In general terms the longer a rod is the further it will be capable of casting – in the right hands of course and within the sinker weight range for which it was designed. Prioritize a rod that complements well to your style of fishing. This rod has lots to offer in terms of effectiveness and durability.

His website has a ton of free videos on surf fishing gear techniques and casting. Rod Length Surf Casting Rods start at around 11ft long and like the Continental Surf Rods described above can be as long as 16 ft. When it comes to distance casting the length of your rod will directly affect how far your line can go.

You can read my full review of Penn Reels here. Every rod has a sweet spot a weight that it casts best. Nick Meyer of Breakaway USA has decades of experience fishing the beach front and is a long distance casting instructor ans well.

What makes the Okuma Tundra one of the best long distance casting surf or beach rodpole is the size the TU-150 version is a full 15 foot medium heavy rod. Designed and best used with six to twelve-ounce lures and ready for 25 pounds to a 50-pound fishing line. A beachcaster is typically a beach rod that is used from the shore for sea fishing.

For example my Lamiglas Infinity Surf 11 MHS comfortably casts lures from 15 to 5 ounces but it casts 25- to 3-ounce lures the farthest. The longer length is simply necessary to reach over 100 yards with relative ease. Consider this a good choice from among the long distance surf casting rods for long-distance casting situations.

Youll get into the set up for just. Nick can hook you up with some great surf fishing rod and reel combos. In that case Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Fishing Rod may be the rod that suits your interests best.

Heres a quick look. Beach casters can range from 12 to 16 in length and designed to cast 4 8oz leads a long distance. Equipped with 9 guides this conventional surf rod will pump out some distance.

Medium Long Range Open. Depending on what kind of fishing you are doing look a the Diawa SL20SHA or SL30SHA reels. Graeme Pullen from The Totally Awesome Fishing Show heads down to Eastbourne to check out an awesome brand new beach fishing rod.

It comprises rods from a selection of sizes between 9 feet to 12 feet in length spinning or casting and heavy or medium power. Each isnt made equal and has specific purpose and abilities. Penn Battalion Surf Casting Rod is a 12 foot 2 piece fast heavy rod.

9 Medium Heavy Power Fast Action 9 This is the only shore rod that I have add to my collection of boat rods to feel complete when shore fishing. With an eight to twelve lead rating and goes great with the Penn fathom 15-star drag reel. Still a good option they are going to be slower retrieve and will need your thumb brake when casting when compared to say the newer Penn Squall.

The Okuma Tundra Surf Casting rod is another great option if you are looking for a beach rod that can cast a long distance. Action Of The Rod. A ten-footer or twelve-footer rod can cast one-ounce to eight ounces or even more weight.

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